Things To Do: Walking Tours

Chinatown Walking Tour

Chinatown in Victoria, British Columbia, is the oldest in Canada. Chinatown Walking Tours will bring its history to life for you. Founded in 1858 during the early days of the Fraser River Gold Rush, Chinatown was the port of entry for all Chinese arriving in Canada for many years. During construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s Victoria's Chinatown housed almost half of the city's total population. Now much reduced in size, it still retains important heritage buildings and remains the cultural home of many Chinese throughout Canada. Easy walking, 90 minutes with expert guides

Ghostly Walks

Why is Victoria the most haunted place in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest? Over 5,000 years of native history and a lively parade of events and characters since Fort Victoria was founded in 1843 are good reasons to start with. Join John Adams and his team of professional guides on Victoria's famous ghost tours that explore the narrow alleys, historic courtyards and other spooky places where the echoes of hangings, murders and colourful events can still be heard and where ghosts can make their presence known at any time of the day or night. Easy walking, 90 minutes with expert guides

Neighborhood Heritage Discovery Walks

Neighbourhood Discovery Walks take place each year during January, February, March and early April. They are 90-minute leisurely walks that focus on the diverse history of Victoria's heritage neighbourhoods, researched and conducted by local historian and author, John Adams. Look for the Rockland Walks and you might learn about Abbeymoore!